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Ames Downtown Farmers Market  2022
Main Street, Ames, IA         most Saturdays, May through October 15
Art Mart
Memorial Union, Ames, IA         December, 2022
     Look on Facebook for the Workspace at ISU
Holiday Art Fair
Bethesda Lutheran Church     October 22, 2022
1517 Northwestern Ave, Ames, IA
ACAC Studio Tour
Ames, IA            Saturday, October 1, 2022 10a-4p
                         Sunday, October 2, 2022 12p-4p
Art in the Park
Elkader, IA            Saturday, August 20 10a-5p
                             Sunday, August 21  10a-4p
Reiman Gardens Art Fair
Reiman Gardens in Ames, IA         Sunday, July 14
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